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Exceptional after-sales service

Piscines Fibco will guide you every step of the way as you install your pool or spa. Our team of qualified professionals can support and advise you on every detail of your new Fibco installation.

Piscine Fibco

manufactures pools and spas using a process backed by more than 60 years of successful use. Its products are a solid, durable investment, thanks in large part to reinforced fibreglass resin, which provides unparalleled structural resistance to temperature variations and freezing-related pressures. As unibody structures, our pools and spas boast unmatched sealing.

Are you having problems or need help?

Some of our teams are mobile and available to visit you. They can give you all the technical support you need.

Don’t hesitate to get help from the professionals and
experts on the Piscines Fibco team.