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Piscines Fibco manufactures in-ground fibreglass pools and spas, making the company’s products fully adapted to Quebec’s climate. Each pool or spa features Rigid+ Exclusive technology, comprising vertical and horizontal reinforcements developed using precise structural engineering calculations to ensure maximum sturdiness. More specifically:

Poly+ Exclusive technology

Our polymer finish is 50% more durable than conventional
gelcoat-type finishes used by the competition.

Hydro+ concept

Spa section with moulded seats and whirlpool
jets included in all pool models.

“Plug & Play” concept

100% prefabricated basin and filtration system for unbeatable installation speed and ease.

Iso+ technology

High-density polyurethane sprayed insulation
keeps water 8 degrees warmer, giving you
substantial savings on heating costs.

Fibco products

are also extremely safe thanks to their non-slip steps and continuous safety borders.

Rigid+ Exclusive

Vertical reinforcements, horizontal reinforcements and structural engineering calculation for maximum strength.

Fibco's unique benefits

Superior-quality product

Simple and easy installation

Insulated polyurethane
basins that keep water
8 degrees warmer

Basins with vertical
fibreglass reinforcements
for maximum sturdiness

Easy-to-maintain pools and spas

Turnkey installation

Reinforced pool edges
designed for our climate

Moulded benches and whirlpool
jets included in all models