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All pool models include equipment facilitating maintenance.

  • Skimmer with pipe work installed
  • Insulation
  • Water jets with pipe work installed
  • Draining well
  • Installation template
  • Geotextile membrane
  • Pipes connecting the filtration system and basin (50’)
  • Pool closing kit

3 colour choices

  • BLUE
  • GREY

À la carte options

  • Water heater No water heater needed given the basin’s polyurethane insulation
  • Mechanical exercise pool system
  • Heat pump No heat pump needed given the basin’s polyurethane insulation
  • Exercise pool hub
  • LED light
  • Rigid lid
  • Salt system
  • Shelter
  • Fibre-based pump and filter
  • Cartridge-type pool filtration system
  • Maintenance kit
  • Filtration system with spa pack
  • Digital hot tub control
  • Filtration system with 2 spa packs
  • Delivery


Monohull fibreglass pools and hot tubs.
Manufacturing process proven over more than 50 years.


Optional: turnkey installation.
Plug & play concept for easy installation.
In just a few hours.



A qualified team to help you as needed.
Installation support and advice.
Technical support available.