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The Granby Pool

This stylish new model features clean, straight lines. With its flat bottom and uniform depth, this is an ideal pool for families and athletes because it maximizes the swimmable area. There are also built-in benches with whirlpool jets, for relaxing after a good swim.

Format: 26’ x 12’ x 4’ 6’’

What’s included:

  1. Pre-installed skimmer and plumbing
  2. Pre-installed whirlpool jets
  3. Dewatering well
  4. Installation guide
  5. Geotextile membrane
  6. Pipes to connect the filtration system and pool (50 ft.)
  7. Pool closing kit

À la carte options:

  • Turnkey installation service
  • Delivery
  • Heat pump (non-essential, thanks to polyurethane insulation of the basin)
  • Gas water heater (non-essential, thanks to polyurethane insulation of the basin)
  • Saltwater system
  • Fibre-based cartridge filter system


  • Select pool colours
  • 4 colours of LED lights
  • Mechanical stationary swimming system
  • Stationary swimming equipment
  • Hard cover
  • Maintenance kit