Ultra-fast installation

  • FIBCO monohull pools can be installed in a matter of hours on any type of soil.
  • Plug & play concept for easy installation
  • Optional: turnkey installation


Required installation materials

  • Transit level
  • ½‘’ net crushed stone
  • MIRAFI-type geotextile membrane (provided by FIBCO)
  • 10’’-diameter draining well (provided by FIBCO)


  • The pool basin’s excavation must exceed the size of the basin by eight inches.
  • Depending on the type of soil encountered, the excavation depth must exceed the basin’s depth by 6 to 10 inches. In the case of rather clayey soil, plan for 10 inches while, in the case of sandy or rocky soil, 6 inches will be adequate.
  • To facilitate excavation, plan to excavate the location of the skimmer and draining well beyond the basin.
  • Bear in mind that, once the basin has been installed, its height must exceed the adjacent ground level by 6 inches.

Preparation of the
stone bed

  • Once the excavation has been completed, spread the geotextile membrane (provided by FIBCO) along the bottom. The membrane will make it possible to stabilize the bed of crushed stone on the excavation floor.
  • Cover the membrane with a bed of crushed stone.
  • The crushed stone used for this purpose must be ½ inch net.
  • The thickness of the stone bed varies from 6 to 10 inches and is determined prior to excavation.
  • To ensure a uniform and level bed of crushed stone, use a transit level.

Basin installation

  • When lowering the basin into the excavation, take care not to damage the pipes and skimmer.
  • Once the basin is in position, ensure that it rests securely on the bed of crushed stone.
  • Use a transit level to confirm the basin’s height and level.
  • Next, start to fill the basin with water.


  • Before backfilling, start filling the basin with water. At this stage, there should be a few inches of water in the basin.
  • Fill the space between the basin’s wall and that of the excavation with ½-inch net crushed stone.
  • Do not use sand.

Installation of
draining well

  • Use the 10-inch diameter perforated drain provided by Fibco.
  • Identify the location of the draining well. It should be positioned around the deepest part of the basin, between the basin and the excavation wall.
  • The depth of the well should exceed that of the basin by 10 inches


  • The basin’s pipes were pre-installed and tested in the plant.
  • Once in position, all you need to do is connect the pipes to the filtration system (suction and drain pipes).


A sustainable investment

Piscine Fibco is a producer of fibreglass pools manufactured using a process whose effectiveness has been proven over more than 50 years.

The use of fibreglass reinforced resin ensures peerless structural strength withstanding changes in temperature and frost-induced pressures. As these are monohull pools, you benefit from unequalled watertightness.


  • Smooth surface: several coats of ISO/NPG gelcoat.
  • 2 successive coats of fibreglass reinforced resin ensuring your pool’s sturdiness and flexibility, with the first coat consisting of vinylesters.
  • Lateral fibreglass reinforcement.
  • Polyurethane foam serving as insulation to keep your pool’s temperature up to 8ºF warmer than any other type of pool.

3 colour choices

  • BLUE
  • GREY