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Self-installation in 6 easy steps

Piscines Fibco has all the resources needed to ensure the proper installation of its products. A pool or spa can be fully installed in a single day, minimizing potential damage caused by heavy machinery. Fibco products can be installed in any soil type, helping you avoid all kinds of problems. Our “Plug & Play” concept ensures ease of installation at every step. When you’re ready to install your pool or spa, you can have us oversee all the work, or arrange it yourself. Either way, the steps are the same.

The single-day installation of a Fibco pool or spa involves 6 straightforward steps.

Before starting, make sure you have a striding level, 0.5″ gravel, the MIRAFI-type geotextile membrane supplied by Piscines Fibco and the 10″-diameter dewatering well, also supplied by our team.


  • It is important that the area excavated for the pool or spa exceeds the dimensions of the fibreglass shell by 8 inches.
  • Depending on the type of ground where the product will be installed, the excavation depth must exceed the depth of the basin by 6 to 10 inches. This excess will be around 10 inches for clayey soils, and 6 inches for sandy or rocky soil.
  • To facilitate installation, excavate so as to position the skimmer and dewatering well higher than the basin.
  • Important: When the basin is installed, it must sit 6 inches higher than the surrounding surface.

Preparing the
gravel bed

  • Once excavation is complete, line the hole with the geotextile membrane (supplied by Fibco).
  • Cover the membrane with gravel. The gravel size must be 0.5 inches net. The thickness of the gravel bed should be 6 to 10 inches, and must be determined before digging.
  • Using the striding level, ensure that the gravel bed is uniform and level.

Installing the basin

  • Take care not to damage the plumbing and skimmer when lowering the basin.
  • Once the basin is in position, check that it is well supported by the gravel bed.
  • Use the striding level to ensure that the basin is level and the correct height.
  • After checking, start filling the basin with water.


  • Before starting backfilling, ensure that there are already a few inches of water in the basin.
  • Fill the space between the basin and hole with 0.5-inch net gravel, taking care not to use any sand, which could destabilize the surrounding patio upon compacting.

Installing the
dewatering well

  • Use the 10-inch diameter perforated drain supplied by Fibco.
  • Select the location of the dewatering well. Note that it must be beside the deepest part of the pool, between the basin and the excavation.
  • The depth of the well must always be 10 inches deeper than the basin.

Connecting the

  • In one simple step, connect the plumbing to the filtration system and the intake and drainage pipes.
  • No adjustment is needed. All of the plumbing for the pool was assembled and tested in the factory.