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The Charlevoix Spa

Suitable for use year-round, this model seats nine people and is available in either in-ground or partially in-ground versions. The portion above the water line and its faux-stone rim give it a cozy and clean natural look.

Format: 12’ x 8’ x 42″

What’s included:

  1. Pre-installed skimmer and plumbing
  2. Pre-installed whirlpool jets
  3. Dewatering well
  4. Installation guide
  5. Geotextile membrane
  6. Piping to connect the filtration system and spa (50 ft.)
  7. Pool closing kit

À la carte options:

  • Digital temperature control system
  • 4 colours of LED lights
  • Hard cover
  • Awning


  • Filtration system with Spa-pack
  • Filtration system with Spa-pack 2
  • Maintenance kit
  • Delivery